Walk As a Double Light

When Jesus hung on that cross over 2000 plus years ago said “It is Finished”, what did He mean? Well there was so much He had accomplished by that statement, things which all the books written in the world would not be enough to enumerate. Amongst all of the things He accomplished, the most important of them was that;

  • The Kingdom of God had been restored and brought back to man.
  • The Law which condemned man had been fulfilled, satisfied and removed, so as to give all men access to the Father.
  • The penalty for sin had been paid, so man could be reconciled with His Creator.
  • Man’s full Authority and dominion on the earth had been restored with Jesus being the Head of all things.

Jesus testifying of John the Baptist in the verse below said “He was a Burning and A Shining Light”.

The Lord does not just want us to shine as revealed in Math 5:16, He also wants us to be a Burning light.

When a man functions as a shining light, people see the blessings of God on him, his works, charisma, gifting, talents and achievements.

They will be attracted to him because of these things, yes they will and may praise God, but this in itself may not bring any conviction that transforms the heart of men. These good works may cause men to glorify and praise God, but may not cause men to repent and turn their hearts towards God.

Don’t be amazed when you find yourself around a successful Christian or Minister of the Gospel who is doing well and succeeding in His field of endeavour, yet being around him does not ooze out any convicting presence that provokes change and repentance.


When a man functions as a Burning Light, his desire is to walk in holiness, righteousness, sanctification and purity before God. He is passionate and hungry for more of God, he is always ready to loose anything and everything but not the presence of God.

He hates sin, detest injustice and doesn’t mind offending people so as to please God. He doesn’t seek to be politically correct, he would lovingly speak the truth so as to save a friend or brother, rather than to compromise so as to maintain falsehood.

He would rather be rejected by men and approved by God than to be a partaker of mischief and deception. He is every ready to repent before the Lord once the Holy Spirit convicts him of sin, disobedience and any wrong thing in his life. Being around such people would provoke a hunger for God,conviction of sin and desire to live a sold out life for God.

Check yourself, are sinners comfortable around you,or are you the one comfortable around them. Instead of convicting them, you find yourself conforming to their ungodly conversations, you may still be shining but might have lost the fire.

Don’t be fooled brothers and sisters, you can function as a shining light here on earth and still miss heaven, but you cannot function as a burning light and miss heaven. Both must go hand in glove so as to have maximum impact here on earth and also to be accepted by Heaven when all is said and done.

We are called to Burn and also to shine, this is the double light manifestation we must show as sons of God in these last days. May these words cause a revival and a stirring in your soul, all for the purpose of the Kingdom.

“I am a Burning and A Shining Light”


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