Ukrainian based Pastor Sunday Adelaja is on a mission to contribute to a positive transformation of the continent of Africa starting with the programme of reformation in Nigeria. In 2015, during a two-week solitude, he claims that Jesus appeared to him and endowed him with 25 points to rid the country of its social ills.

Through his social media channel, Pastor Adelaja has shown optimism and personal conviction that his next assignment is to embark on the programme of changing the culture and value system in Nigeria.

Although this might seem to many, a daunting task but Pastor Adelaja is no stranger to turning a country around. He has a track record. He has done it before by bringing a revival to post-communist Ukraine. Pastor Adelaja considers himself a reformer and lover of God, rather than just a preacher.

His achievements in Europe can be compared to the likes of the late Pentecostal revivalist, Lewi Pethrus. In 1994 Pastor Adelaja established Word of Faith Church, which later became the Embassy of God. He is regarded as one of the most successful pastors in Europe with more than 25,000 members and 700 churches planted in over 45 countries. This has collectively brought millions to Christ. His work as a revivalist was so prevalent that in 2007, the United Nations invited him to speak on two separate occasions.

A call to bring change in Nigeria
Pastor Adelaja has shared that it is his aim to bring a righteous value system, not through the traditional route of planting a church, but by working alongside like-minded individuals to bring lasting change to the country. He believes that in order to bring about change, the churches will also need to play a huge role. He feels that a total character transformation is required to bring believers to a state of reflecting the image and likeness of God.

Another driving force for going back to Nigeria after 30 years in Europe is to build an effective programme in Nigeria involving high-level technocrats from all over the world with the aim of building the capacity of the nation and develop the people to enjoy a successful and accomplished life, comparable to the standard of living in the developed parts of the world.

Pastor Adelaja has already confirmed that he will be returning to Nigeria with 200 highly skilled Ukrainian and Russian citizens. He has also inviting an additional 2,000 people all over the world particularly Nigerians in diaspora to be part of his Nigerian transformational team, for a minimum of 2 years.

It is confirmed that many people have now signed up to become a part of the team, coming from diverse countries including United States, UK, China and others. These people have the chance to make history, becoming revivalist and having the opportunity of working under Pastor Adelaja’s effective and highly intense leadership.

Judging by the tangibility of his performance, it is clear that Pastor Adelaja is driven by measurable results and positive outcome. For example, in his book Money Won’t Make You Rich, he explains how he was responsible for raising 200 millionaires in less than 2 years including those regarded as down-and-outs.

Although he has contributed immensely to the advancement of the Kingdom of God, he has also faced opposition in various forms including character assassination and death threats. In his own words, he said that, “There is no person who is in the limelight that is not being accused of one thing or the other on a regular basis. If you want to be nothing, do nothing. Maybe then people won’t accuse you of anything.” This response to accusations levied against him actually portrayed him as someone with a very sound mind and having a thick skin, not relenting his efforts in doing good as propelled by Jesus Christ.

Prior to his plans to leave Ukraine, he has most recently written about his strategies on how he aims to impact the nation with his new book titled Nigeria and the Leadership Question.

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